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    Answered Is YK11 better used as a“kicker” or “finisher”?

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    Answered After you reach your genetic potential can you keep any gains after a cycle?

    Ehhhhh... sort of. Most guys never will be this. But if you look at a pro bodybuilder on stage at the Olympia, they’re way past what any human could naturally achieve by far. When they take breaks, they definitely don’t look anything like that. However you would be surprised how much weight...
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    Answered Bad idea to rotate between only 2 injection sites?

    As long as the welts from before are gone... You sure you’re doing VG high enough? If you can feel it the next day it’s probably too low. I do it right where my jeans sit, it’s totally unnoticeable. Slightly lower you can feel for sure. Too far forward you can’t walk.
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    Answered ? Epiandro/Androsterone confusion ?

    DHT also blocks part of the negative feedback responsible for suppression. Also, the doses necessary to cause enough dht in the body to be very suppressive would be in the grams per day, unless injected. It’s enough to cause changes without really affecting endogenous test very much if at all...