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  1. Outback Steaks

    Well generally any steak with loin in it's cut name is lowest in fat.
  2. What my diet looks like these days

    Nice looking diet. A hell of a lot more exciting than mine.
  3. Overall Weightloss

    Honestly I would start with just a solid diet consisting of lean protein, complex carbs, and essential fats. Add in 5-6 days of cardio a week on an empty stomach first thing in the AM. I would forget about all the supps first, until you know you have your diet dialed in.
  4. Generic Labz GOOD SERVICE

    If they didn't treat customers right, they wouldn't be part of this board. I'm glad to hear it all worked out.
  5. Lets cut through the **** here: opinions on best gear for long terms gains

    Re: Lets cut through the **** here: opinions on best gear for long terms gains Does anyone else see the irony in the above post?
  6. Advice Needed (Cut)

    I'd get some fibrous veggies in meal 2. Looks good though.
  7. SD, M1t, MDien, 4ad

    It's closed. You guys are pissy today.
  8. IBE has really outdone themselves!

    Yup big props to them!
  9. hi all

    Welcome to the board!
  10. What muscle mags does everyone read?

    MD is the only one I ever pick up.
  11. Gyno question

    Nolva would be the correct choice still.
  12. Test Enan Cycle

    Your Nolva dose is too low. I would suggest 60wk1/40wk2-3/20wk4.
  13. quick question

    Holy ****!
  14. My son trying to suppliment lol

    Cool pic! :thumbsup:
  15. Is M1T extinct?

    I personally wouldn't attempt any cycle without Nolva for PCT.