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  • Trauma1
    What's the good word, bro? How are things?

    woops! That was supposed to say AG..not TG. Thanks for the catch bro***gleton
    have you heard from genomyx lately?i have a mixibility issue with protcol he might could advise me on,good product though and i will keep using.
    ah damn. when you finally come to Florida I miss my chance to hang wichya!
    haha yeah work sucks if you arent doing something you really love. I hate hearing that you are down bro. Have an e-hug :hug:
    Thanks Man.....I am new to the site and I don't understand exactly what the points mean but I am in need of any help I can get.
    good use of your gi bill lol...lucky man
    Iron Lungz
    On who's side? Low blow "from" me?
    MC Gun
    great avatar bro it that caps all over the head? lol
    yo, PR...where you been man? haven't seen you posting on AM in a while and I know you're in Iraq, so I was wonderin if all is well...?
    What up ?! How's Nutra treating ya man ??
    I tried you're email but it bounced. Nothing too important, just trying to pick up the avatar ;)
    LOL, damn! Yeah, that Gerald Butler thread just brought back some funny memories....
    Yea if you bulk up any more you won't fit into the picture :p
    The new avatar is much more becoming ;)
    If you see all the script before a response when you quote it, I just included that in the sig :)

    in your nickname the letters "PR" thats from Puerto Rico?
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello MrBigPR,

    Welcome to AM!

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