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  • Be strong bro and everyone is pulling for you. If there's anything I can do just let me know.
    Hey bro, Doc told me about the bad news. The house of green is pulling for you bro! You'll be back before you know it and ready for action, so rest up.
    cant sent a private message your inbox is full.....
    thanks very much,, for the helpful reply,,i will as of now cut out the oats and just up my fats,, thanks very much man,, i will defo look at that site u linked me,,
    i seen your comment about fats,,
    and i see you say more fats less carbs 2 lean out,,
    what about the meal 1 hour after my post shake
    i would normal take in 2 yolks 6 ehites have tin tuna and 140g oats,,,

    that add up 760cal 55g pro 85g carbs 18g fats
    i see you say lower carbs and up fats, do you think i should maybe change this ??? thanks 4 the information man
    oh ye my stats are
    5foot 11inch
    12,4 stone (1st thing in morning)
    13 percent bf
    i have helio's clen. 20ml bottle. 40mcg clen/5.4 mg yohimbine. i start a bootcamp on monday 1st thing at 530am. i have a insulin syringe and am comfused abt how much, how long and at what time before my bootcamp.

    i am female. 4"11 150lbs.

    plz help..
    Movin_weight Looks shady but he's a sponsor on another reputable board.
    Bench is around 330
    squat pr is 475 but wont be getting that right now more like 455
    dead lift i usually do straight leg so i dont go as heavy @ 405
    clean and press 245
    flat bench 225x18
    ATG squat 225 x 28
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