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  • I just started my first cycle of epistane. im running a dose of 18mg the first week and will bump it up to 36 mg. if I'm only doing a 5 week cycle do i need a SERM, considering that epistane already has anti-gyno effects
    my friend want to tell me that I use to take muscle mass since I have 19 year and only weight 106 pounds and want to use something and can not stand the ridicule and not being able to wear the clothes I want to know that I can use my training to get started I hope in the gym to help me I am waiting and I must use
    I'm good bro, and back in action full swing. Thanks for the strength brother.
    Iron Lungz
    I bet that your jaw will drop once the package arrives... it should be there tomorrow at the latest. Let me know if you want the DC#.
    There's A LOT in there for you!
    Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead!"

    - I Peter 1:6
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