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  1. How much can you bench?

    Last time I measured I was longer than John Holmes.
  2. Arnolds work out

    Take a week off half way through Mondays workout.
  3. Best testosterone boosting stack now available

    Clomid has been documented in medical journals as boosting test when run at low/mod dose for a couple of months. Nettle Root, especially an extract of one of it's ligands binds to SHBG thereby leaving more testosterone unbound/free and active. Bulk Nettle Root or Activate are very good for...
  4. best curl for bi's or jsut a good bi work out

    I want to get that outer bicep/tricep I recently started moving my elbows in and grip wide for tricep cable work and bicep preacher curls. On the preachers I go all the way down and when I come up I squeeze the elbows in a bit but I never come all the way up to the point where the...
  5. Critique my back routine

    Then you aren't overtraining on that routine. If you make any changes do it for reasons other than overtraining.
  6. best curl for bi's or jsut a good bi work out

    "When it comes to muscle recruitment, it's important to note that even more important than strict grip width is the difference in the width of the grip and that of the elbows. To target the outer portion of the biceps, the elbows should be much wider than the hands (narrow hands grip/wide...
  7. Your opinion of this fall bulking cycle? (dbol, cyp, deca, IGF-1)

    I recently ran a Test-Cyp, Deca, EQ cycle w/ IGF-1 Long R3 & low dose T3...w/ basically your lifting schedule and diet....your proposed cycle looks good. I agree w/ the previous suggestions: - that you run the second IGF-1 during WILL speed recovery and help you keep gains. -...
  8. Clen for weight loss. PLEASE HELP

    No....for many reasons one of which is the possibility of damaging heart muscle. No it won't. It is just something you recently heard about and you are hoping it is magic.
  9. Funny weight loss side effect

    Maybe you'll get lucky and just get fat again...problem solved! **I was just joking.
  10. How to add strenght to my shoulders?

    What are Rotator Cuff Exercises? See: Rotator Cuff Strengthening Exercises
  11. sexual performance and steroids

    Stop playing with d-bol or anadrol alone. Start a proper PCT. Read until your eyes bleed. Then when you have some base of knowledge start a test only cycle. Eat!
  12. Test/dbol/and what???

    I don't know how many cycles you've done but if you've done quite a few than you could go with an old school bulker that worked well for me and a lot of guys. Run the following compounds together: Test Deca Eq T3 15-25mg/day
  13. Vein in Your Bicep

    IGF-1 Tren Eq ...can all bring out vascularity...
  14. DHT Base - transdermal?

    I did previously. I also just started using it again yesterday. I'm on cycle and I had some substantial lumps and sensitivity appear behind the nipples. I didn't jump on it for a week and when I did A-dex and even 55mg of Nolva per day for a week+ only stopped the growth and ended the nipple...
  15. Outside backer's Wife tests java soap for her belly

    Thanks Zombie...I might have to add some to my shopping cart.