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  • BigMikeC
    your box is full.

    I wrote what were looking for on the forum. Typical stuff, Age, height, weight, training split, diet, goals. Basically as detailed a log as you can provide.

    if interested send your address
    PM me your full name... you didnt include it and your box is full
    Hey hit me up.... Lost ur number bro... mine is 208-602-9395... Boy has it been uhhh a long time and in that time, lots of BAAAD things have happend.... Even tryed to get down to Mayo Clinic but they doont accept my ins :( Anywas text or call when you call.... The major thig is ive gone through 21pints of blood......
    If you really want to get big and stay legal try a Tren product (Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione). This stuff is still legal and if used properly can be used safely. I like to pulse it along with a good AI and good natty test booster. I usually run about 4-6 weeks and gain about a lb/week. Pulsing and keeping my cycle short causes little if any shutdown and makes it easier to keep my gains. The only sides I have ever noticed is night sweats and occasional insomina.If you want to cut try 11 Spray. It works pretty well for me with no noticible sides.
    Yeah, TX. We only got 2 seasons here. Hot and hotter!
    Haha, it's always warm here! I'm still walking around in shorts and a tank top. :)
    yo thatnks for the heads up mang! Ill text you tomarrow on it!!!
    thanks for the warm welcome, madds!

    No problem buddy. Have a happy new year
    hey man I got it today! It was delayed back and forth i dunno why he had surgeies to do I guess. But its today.
    Count on it brother. It's almost our time.
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