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  • Hey bro, when you get a chance make some room in your inbox. I need to drop you a PM about Taurus Nutrition
    Yeah, I'll definitely get you in on the details. Hit me up on my email as well: john (at) This way I can add you to my outlook contacts as well.

    We're gonna have the second and then kinda go from there. We've talked about the possibility of three, but let's have two first, haha.

    I have a nice 14-16 weeker in the plans now with pretty much everything on-hand, but that'll have to wait for right now. I've started to think about maybe competing in the future, but not sure i'd have the time to put forth the effort needed.

    I'm gearing up for a bulker in the very near future, but it looks like we're going to try for baby #2 starting next month. :)

    Hey fukcnut! How's everything with you and the family? I hope you all had a very nice holiday and new year!

    Doing good here. Looks like you are keeping that rep position, how is everything else working out for you? any big goals you are working on?
    Great log on the 1-andro tabs. My main concern was what you used for PCT. Is it harsh enough to require a SERM, like Liquid Clomi? Or would a product like Inhibit-E suffice? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    Your support is appreciated -->
    saw your log on M&M man. For whatever odd reason (I post as travis there), I cannot post in the supplement log forum. The admins cannot figure out why either. It's weird. Otherwise I would have stopped in your thread there lol
    Your invited to my log for AGST and PUMP!
    cani take methyl masterdrol with my i-gh-1 and formadrol extreme pct stack?
    haha well thanks for checkin up man. I try to let the log not get to carried away but people really like to post in there lol
    Guess what bro? The LAKERS won tonight Basketball starts again...Wooooo..GO LAKE SHOW...They will REPEAT as CHAMPS...and I was lookin for Ghenerate and couldn't find it anywhere....Please advise...oh I also posted a new flex profile pic up check it....
    Well I'll be back as much as I can be. The work over here is just nutz man spoon feeding Staffs and Amn WTF??? is all I can say
    good Looking out bro!! check out my I-Gh-1 + ZMA + Androbolix?!?!?! pct?? any thoughts on my thread would be much appricieated!
    What have I missed in the past month? If we're talking Chocolate Coconut protein from TP, that stuff is amazing.
    dude check out my posts on what we were talkin about you'll get a good laugh....
    gym, work, being healthy, taking care of myself! Cooking a lot and eating real good. thanks for asking! You seem like your doing well for yourself Liftergym33! Appreciate it bro
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