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  • CrazyChemist
    Hey bro, just wanted to say whats up. I've been inactive on the forum the past 15 months but I'm back and
    wanted to see who is still active on the board
    no worries mate and thx

    got the log anyways

    I have been watching you for some time now I think you are finally ready to see this thread= search megaplex on this site
    good school, when there's no shootings. glad to see another chi town person here.......
    western suburbs... Elgin area to be more specific, currently i live out in Dekalb attending NIU
    yeah Ive tried RPM, but not drive yet...Im def only gonna run this 1 bottle of hghup, cause so far I havent noticed ****...Im really just sick of pills, so I think Im going back to only the basics with supps...Thanks for the info and help
    no, i've never tried it and don't know anyone (except you) that has. i've heard mixed reviews. 2 compaines to watch out for USP labs and AP, over priced, not saying their stuff doesn't work like RPM or jacked, those work but some of their stuff is just god aweful, and $50-60 god aweful
    quick question for ya, you tried hghup by chance? Im 2.5 weeks into it and have to say so far its a waste of money. Ive asked this question several times in the right forums and of course the reps all feed me bull**** about how I need to run 2 bottles, or dose this way or that way etc...just curious if you have any experience with this product, you seem like a straight shooter...thanks, keep pumping brother...
    is it the first set of reps or every set? if it's the first or first couple or sets then thats simple, you need to warm up.
    mate whats going on with me ? i struggle on a certain weight for the first 4 reps, then i go really red and super strenght comes out of no where then i can do another 6 reps liek a peice of piss ? i get a huge surge, never had it before.
    Trenadrol, i know there's like 100 threads on the subject. i have never taken it though. i know some users report progestin related sides with it, if that becomes an issue i would have some P5P and vitrex on hand, check the threads that are out there for dosages.
    hi,lennoxchi thanks for you friendship.you know what I need to do a cycle of Trenadrol without risk of side effects?
    Thank you lennoxchi. I lived in Chicago for 8 years and abolutely loved it Hope you're staying warm up there. Have a good day man.
    matt what do you mean your libido is horrible? are you just coming off cycle? what has caused this libido issue? that needs to be addressed first before a new cycle is to begin. i would highly, highly suggest bloodwork for a doc to see where your test levels are and your estro levels are.
    I'm thinking this may not be the best thing to do but I figured i'd throw it out there and get an opinion.

    Originally I was planning to start another cycle with halodrol for 5 weeks followed by nolvadex... this was before i came to the realization that my libido has been horrible for too long.

    My question is.. i know halo would bring that back up while im on it. If I did that followed by a post cycle of nolva or clomid.. would It still solve my libido problem? or is it not the best route to take.

    As of now I'm still planning going with the clomid and reversatrol for 4 weeks as was suggested but I wanted to get an opinion on this option. thanks for the help.


    ps i posted this here as well as on the forum in case you didnt go back to the forum. I tried to send a message but I guess i do not have enough posts to do so. thanks
    thanks and I definately will consult you guys. im in the military and have no shame in asking docs for help being a medic myself. I got checked and there were no red flags on my tests, I still have a few numbers to correct but nothing alarm. And man I got ripped to shreds on this forum, ouch. I honestly just didnt ****ing know. but now i do and its not too late.

    Ignorance is no excuse. Thanks bro.
    macro breakdown is simple, 1.5g protein per pound if under 15% and 1.5g per LBM if over 15%. fat should be atleast 15g no more then 30 per meal, and start with 50g carb 3x per day
    uhmm we should start with basically the breakdown of macros and explain anabolic vs catabolic . Calorie needs vary i usually do body weight x 20 for the amount of calories and if that doesnt work add 200 until you start to gain.

    focus not on portion sizes but on food quality, what calories are easiest (fat from oils, but only the good ones) which ones should be limited (carbs focus around 3 meals surrounding the workout) and protein
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