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    Covid Vaccine anyone?

    supposedly there's T cell based immunity too
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    Best ideas for no chinese sourced supps

    let's use an example that I avoid. "Dr's best" brand. really popular, good price, tons of products. the company supposedly was sold to a Chinese company. seems like the product quality couldn't be that great for the price so I avoid it
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    Best ideas for no chinese sourced supps

    with all the pollution and unsanitary conditions in china, it's a miracle if the supps are as clean as you say they are. anything grown there should be contaminated unless it's grown in a lab with controlled air/water.
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    Wife Has COVID-19

    interesting about the part where they said they'd get fired if they prescribe ivermectin. I thought you could request it as a patient in the USA and get it just about anywhere
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    Anything 35+ y.o.'s wish they tried, maxed out, or implemented before hopping on Gear or TRT?

    I'd suggest injecting bpc 157 into belly fat for a month or so. if you have muscle/tendons to heal, stack tb500. they're just peptides. I'm 34 and it worked for me you can do local bpc 157 injections into muscles to heal them, but the belly injections is to make it systemic and hit your GMB
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    Bpc 157 orally

    a lot of the research chem sites carry nasal spray, but my TRT clinic doctor only offers prescribing injectable. I really have no idea how well it works. I'm suspect because the location of BPC 157 injections makes a big difference
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    Best ideas for no chinese sourced supps

    could just call it avoiding doing business with countries that support genocide. - china - north korea
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    Is it ok to eat egg whites daily without the yolk?

    ya but the yolk has an amazing vitamin profile. you should eat them too if you can fit the macro. also know that the bioavailability of raw egg whites is much lower than cooked. I don't think any amount of pasteurization fixes this.
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    Bpc 157 orally

    what about nasal spray? I hear the oral performs poorly
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    Bpc 157 orally

    just inject it and some tb500 too
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    Best ideas for no chinese sourced supps

    I'm just talking about nations with bad working conditions. India is one of them. yes it happens here too, that's why I don't go to Burger King anymore.
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    Best ideas for no chinese sourced supps

    I don't think it's equal. it should be a sliding scale based on your work and living conditions. pay workers more and it will happen less
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    epichaos 100 challenge

    I appreciate the aqua di gio asthetic
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    Best ideas for no chinese sourced supps

    for me, I'm skeptical of China and other countries with poor living conditions because you are trusting a worker who is likely not treated well to handle your supplements. if you can barely survive, are you going to take pride and care in making my supplements? maybe sometimes. maybe it's worth...