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  • CATdiesel76
    Products came in. Thanks for everything
    thanks trip.

    squats and deads man. tons of them.
    Hey bud !

    Got the Formex :)

    Thanks again !!
    Thanks for the rep man..greatly appreciated..i'll get you back
    I took the recomended dosage of the Silent Night--4 capsules. The smell and taste were like that of hay or grass....not so pleasant. It didn't "knock me out" or make me feel any sleepier than I normally would be. Yesterday was my rest day as well so it was a good evening to try them as physical activity would not have been a factor in determining myself being tired. I will up the dosage tonight and see if there are any changes.

    I did do some shoveling this am and still have to go to the gym. I'll take a nap to offset any tiredness so when I take the higher dosage it is off a wide awake status.

    Check out this company- Pure Encapsulations

    Click the tab of their products by use...they are pricey but other research about them shows that their products are exactly what they say they are.
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