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  1. boldenone acetate oral solution?

    i asked same question before, there really is no oral bioavailability in bold prop or ace.
  2. Le lemange oils...

    **** i use grocery store oil, who needs usp grade :)
  3. Making Formestane "Sterile Solution"

    formestane acetate? or regular formestane? i had a bitch with the acetate version!
  4. I am on Propecia, what to avoid?

    i'm running test prop and npp right now with 2mg propecia a day, and no hairloss yet. Been about 2 weeks so far.
  5. IP Bulk Oils

    get them and refilter into your own vials.
  6. Minoxidil and Azelaic Acid from powders

    umm, i think propylene glycol/water/alcohol are used in wholesalehair products.
  7. Var Powder

    i've only known of ONE bad var test to date. Everyone of the three i've ordered from have been high quality, and some have been cheap :) Refer to my sig before you pm me :d
  8. Help!!

    hmm, i think i got mine from. They are thicker then the vials i got from VAC two years ago (ever since then i've had a crimper). The crimpers i got were basically free for me, as i had 4 buddies wanting to do a cycle and i told them i'd make it for them and priced it out. Ended...
  9. Help!!

    i hate that ****, i used to filter into 100ml vial and then seperate into 10ml vials i'd always get chunks and it'd piss me off to no end. Now i make sure to buy high quality stoppers.
  10. Clomid homebrew just like Nolva homebrew??

    2grams, 39ml everclear, heat and you now have 50mg/ml.
  11. Boldenolone propionate 100mg/ml

    i made some 100mg/ml for a bud, he was sick with flu like symptoms and was painfull ass stuff! this was with your combo as well. Some react ok to it, MOST don't.
  12. IGF powder or pre-mixed?

    boils down to this : If you trust them, go with the premixed, if you don't trust them go with the powder. Only reason i see to buy powder is not trusting the source, seeings as you'd just have to mix it up yourself and it costs more. That being said, i've gotten 5 bottles from them PREMIXED :)
  13. Capsule filler
  14. Prop + spiro

    was told to use it before my cycle started!
  15. Please Help. New to toronto. how to get clen?

    it's been better as of late, but goldylight was just messing around ;)