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  • thank you so much for your response to my thread about my girlfriends issues activating glues/hams. hopefully she will be able to take into account what you said and clear some issues.
    It's the Fukin CATALINA WINE MIXER!!! See you there :D
    Hey buddy just checking in and seeing how things are going?
    Are you currently using any APS Products??
    Which are your favorite and which would you like to try?
    I sent an email to Taurus but haven't received a reply yet. I purchased one of the Da-hcg and when I opened the box there were 2 containers inside. If it's an extra...THANX...but not sure if it was a mistake in the shipping or what. I was only charged for the one.
    I typically have sold the Prowlers for $300 with the coat, and I threw in an extra set of Skid-plates which can run $60 plus shipping...So basically I sell at $300 what they would aorund $620 with shipping
    Very much! It's very good, very well done. A few min after I posted that message I was bawling like a baby lol. But it is a very good movie and I think everyone should see it.
    I have not. I have seen the studies on calorie restriction and longevity. I know resveratrol tries to reproduce the calorie restriction effects, but I highly doubt it modulates SIRT1 enough to be of calorie restriction type effective. Definitely drop me your thoughts on it if you do read.
    hey bro, just do a google search for intracellular lactate shuttles and brooks... theres a bunch of info available. Mainly discusses how and to what extent our bodies utilize lactate for energy
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