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  • I think 4 weeks , what do youthink ?
    Royd The Noyd
    Check promo thread. Put the 1-Andro RD discount codes out there..
    Royd The Noyd
    Can you send me your email again? Thanks
    I bought the ulitmate mass stack and have been running it for 2 full weeks now, I plan on posting my results when I am done with it (already gained 10pounds) BUT I can't find ANY information as to what the correct dossage is. Can you please help me. I have 3 bottles of 1-ad,4-ad,deca, and Arom-x ....can I take all three bottles of 1-ad,4-ad,and deca and then take my 3 bottles of arom-x, or will that be too long of a cycle? By the looks of the cycle if I only take 2ml a day each bottle would last me 4 weeks at least. Do I need to up my dossage? can you please help me!! sorry I posted it on here but it won't let me pm cause im new
    We actually have a resale license and currently buy from a distributor. Can we buy direct from you at a larger % off the wholesale?
    ok thanks..i have research pct for this product..any poeople say clomid ,anothers people Nolvadex(for gyno),or buyer of England advice me iForce Reversitol, A-X Advanced PCT or IBE Formex..what can you advice at me?? i give you a link of SUS500( ).. thank you.i hope that you can help me!
    hi johnjessica i'm new in the forum and i want a advice to you.
    i must start my frist cycle of anabol..i have the 'sus500' 60caps(Active Ingredients:
    Estra-4 9-Diene-3 17-Dione, 13-Ethyl-3-Methoxy-Gona-2, 5(10)-Diene-17-One, 3, 17 Ketoetiochol-Triene, Silymarin Extract, TPGS (Advanced Delivery System), In A Base Of Safflower Oil, Gelatin).
    Do you know it? what PCT must i take for this product? and what liver support??
    thanks a lot. best regards. Alessio
    ultimate question.....the dose for the support?
    hence trenadrol 30/60/60/30
    clomid 100/50/50
    I heard gonasi(HCG) post cure,you know?is possible?
    but trenadrol can cause liver problem?if yes how delete this problem?
    i think 4 week trenadrol 60/60/60/60
    4 week clomid 100/50/50/50
    how you do it?
    write me you cycle trenadrol for compare?
    what drugs I need for post cure?
    i have trenadrol e clomid.
    I also need a drug for the liver?
    What you use?
    yes,trenadrol?is prohormon testosterone 17b-metossi trienbolone
    hi friend,you know trenadrol?i need to help
    Royd The Noyd
    Hey man did you get that check?
    Royd The Noyd
    Yo check your email. We are having a rep contest for $ :)
    Royd The Noyd
    Yo John check your email. Thanks!
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