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  • v1hyp
    Hey John! I don't come on here that much anymore. Stay mostly in IM page. Hope your prep is going well!
    Whats up John!! Just Passing through. How have things been?
    John Smeton
    Add me on facebook--yes this is my real name
    hey have u ever heard of Anabolic Nutrition's Pro-Plex?
    I wouldnt give up LG for anything bro...;) everyhting else is gravy... Hopefully i'll be moving in a year, trying to get back to Florida, we'll see though.
    your chest and quads look really good
    Keep up the hard work! Your show is almost here.
    Your support is appreciated -->
    Sorry for the late reply. I'll try it out this week and see how I feel about it. Appreciate the advice!
    Thanks buddy. Really appreciate the words of encouragement. Got any tips on adding size to my triceps and chest? They won't grow! Been hitting them once a week each, 4-6, 6-8 reps with about 2-3 sets per exercise.
    I forget now. PM if you wanna talk about it though.
    Thanks bro, haven't been on here much at all or I would have replied sooner.
    Old Navy
    Hey, Warrior, thanks for the props.

    Regards, Old Navy
    What up bro! Been a while since I've been on here. Thought I would check things out
    That's great to hear my man. I remember when it happened, and figured it wouldn't keep you down for long with your high level of dedication.

    I had a son 4 months ago, so thats pretty exciting! Other than that, nothing new going on really.
    Looks like you're all healed up now and back in the show!
    No bro we havent. Lol I use to live in a very small town but I am in Orlando now and have not competed as of right now. I have done a few PL meets but looking to add size on now.
    Sup bro, been a while... My other account got hacked...
    No, thank you. The advice you give is better for than the stuff I use to pay a Harley Street nutritionist (alot) for. Protein intake, calorie counting, nutrient partitioning, digestive enzyme supplements are all really helpful. Thanks.
    Totally agree man. I think you not only hold onto more muscle that way, you also kinda re-ignite the fat burning furnace. I think I read somewhere that it amplifies your T3 levels when you do this. I know after a break I come back stronger and more full looking. Pics will be on the log soon!
    Hey Smeton did you at one time do a contest for Napalm?? I think you did correct?? Can you take a look at my photos in my log and let me know if you think it could help me out?? Thanks....BB
    to answer your question. powerlifters follow my threads just mostly on other forums. BTW your looking sick man!
    Hey, good to hear your back in the gym. That pic was taken in Dec last year. I've put on about 7-8 pounds since then,, will try to post some new pics here very soon. Also going to start my log back up
    Whats going on bro,, how training? Thing are going well hear. Just finished my first OTC and tipping the scale at about 195lbs. Strength and size are both up. Take care
    Your looking comp quality! I guess the injury finally healed?
    Thanks, I'm not sure if I'l be posting anything right now but will see. Work has me buzy. Hope all is well with you,,,Take care
    hey bro, how have yua been,, I'm doing well training going good. Been checking out the new site later
    Thanks for the reps.My "Lead" researcher is a bio-chemist for a major pharmaceutical corp. He made me aware of this. Glucosamine being glucose based, is easily taken up and used for energy, if not taken at certain times. I love Universal stuff, but their joint stack is a little light in terms of "dosages". At your listed weight I would double up for efficacy. I save money and get the most bang in dosages by capping my own.
    Rosie Chee
    Cheers, John. I already know how to do friction massage and how to manage/rehab the 'injury'. I am however, one of those people who keeps pushing regardless. And stopping all exercise or anything that will aggravate it is simply NOT an option even if I wanted to because of my job.
    Thanks for the points.Cant figure out the rep thing lol
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