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  1. What happened to the thread about M1,4ADD, M1A, and 4AD?

    They are legal in the UK so probably worth checking sports supplement outlets like Powermyself and Predator Nutrition etc etc.
  2. Some information about LGD and Rad-140 cycle

    I ran them both at lower dosages with MK677 beginning of year...I think it was MK677 10mg Lgd 10mg and Rad 140 10 mg.....I'm not going to lie I felt amazing on it for 6 weeks then came off. I did bloods and my test was mid range, baring in mind I was 44 at the time and I recovered without really...
  3. Answered Ostarine/MK677 Reduced Max HR

    Yes my performance with Cardio was alot worse and id hit my maximum VO2 at 169-170 bpm and couldnt continue...which set alarm bells ringing. I tried numerous times and still got the same result. This was over last 2 weeks (week 3-4 of Osta/Mk677) so i decided To do a little test....i stopped...
  4. Anyone know where to get 11-KT shipped to Canada or in Canada?

    Couple of UK stores do XI-KT by Iron Legion.