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  1. Mission1 vs UR Spray

    If I recall correctly, I believe you saw no results with ursobolic, is that correct?
  2. Contest! FORERUNNER LABS - 5-Alpha Test!

    Congrats to the winners. I'll have to try this at some point. I like the addition of methylcobalamin, I still have a couple packs of vb12 strips that have methylcobalamin in them.
  3. Contest! FORERUNNER LABS - 5-Alpha Test!

  4. Contest! FORERUNNER LABS - 5-Alpha Test!

    7 keto dhea
  5. Contest! FORERUNNER LABS - 5-Alpha Test!

    Doh. My browser only showed the left half of the label...
  6. Contest! FORERUNNER LABS - 5-Alpha Test!

    Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin
  7. Glycemyx Review

    I bought a couple of tubs of the Glycemyx beta. I haven't written a review in a long time and did not expect to for this product since it is just a carb source right? Wrong. After taking my first scoop of Glycemyx, I experienced more alertness and energy almost immediately. I thought that maybe...
  8. Low Vitamin D - Help me, you fools! :)

    Yea my insurance doesn't cover the d3 and I thought it would be cheaper to take in supplement form, which you just proved.
  9. Low Vitamin D - Help me, you fools! :)

    4 Pills of the 50000IU Vitamin D3 costs me around $17 from my pharmacy. I always take it after a meal since it is fat soluble
  10. Low Vitamin D - Help me, you fools! :)

    My doctor prescribed 50,000IU once per week. Been on it for around 3 months, while also getting 6-8000 IU daily from a T-Booster for one of those months. That brought my levels from ~40 to 80 on bloodwork done in the last week, which is where my doctor wants me to be.
  11. Need advice with LOW TEST

    You probably want this moved to the following forum for more responses/help:
  12. CoQ10/Ubiquinol

    Also interested in this. What are your thoughts on Ubiquinol vs Idebenone in terms of efficacy?
  13. Baked Avocado Fries

    I made these again tonight but coated them in panko bread crumbs after dipping the pieces in egg. I liked them a lot more this way.
  14. Anyone use I-GH-1 ?

    I used a bottle with ghenerate and it was a good combo for sleep in my opinion. I can't really comment on the effects stand alone since I have only taken it with ghenerate. I noticed better sleep with it than with just ghenerate alone.
  15. AMS - Wounded Warrior Project