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  • davidq
    i love your freaken wolvarine man 240 lbs of beast. i delclare yOU IGF- king
    Lmfao!!!! Bro I went.5 guuys burget.man 1400 cals
    ey man, r u tryin to put on some muscle man ??? Goood maynnnn, youre friends with the right person...
    u can just post on my log, no not any mistakes i had all of it planned out except my person ran out of tren-e so final 2 weeks will be tren ace loll but we all gotta expect some kind of fail we cant control.
    so how did the cycle go down?

    make any misstakes you had to overcome? if so how?
    Yo, man, thanks for answering my questions. As I said before, I want to do this right...wow. Just salivating planning this cycle. OMFG!!!!
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello Jasen,

    Welcome to AM!

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