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  1. Geranium: sharing your experiences, Facts, knowledge, etc

    I've also noticed ED problems associated with geranium - but not only geranium - chocamine also seems to keep me from being all that I can be!
  2. 1T transdermal vs oral

    Ah yes, T1Pro - I can feel the burn just thinking about it! Fuego, search for T1Pro using a 'year ago and older' for date. I certainly don't remember dosage, but I do remember th lethargy that would kick in after 2-3 weeks. TD 4-AD helped tremedously with that. TD formestane may help with...
  3. ATTN: Dog Lovers...Fish Oil Treats for dogs.

    I'm definitely in for some, I also feed my dog liquid fish oil every night when I give it to the kids. He loves it (carlson's lemon), but it can be messy. I've been giving him fish oil for a couple of months. The most dramatic changes I've seen are his coat. Very shiny and my wife doesn't...
  4. For all the unbelievers...

    I'm in Alabama, not too far from NP - I usually get my priority mail shipments the day after I place the order. Always very prompt shipping for the past few years I've been ordering from them.
  5. Meth Positive AGAIN

    ^that synephrine would be my guess too, but check this out:;jsessionid=HGrLBgnhh1CCcQbwvjGQjlW1K6TyGzbyvKbQQckhjmLJND0CnVg0!901085598!181195628!8091!-1 only about half of the dose of synephrine you had though.
  6. Best store to buy bulk Citrulline malate?

  7. Who makes a very high EPA/DHA per cap fish oil these days?

    I think flame out is the only one with a higher (much higher at that) ratio of DHA vs EPA.
  8. MEGA dose Resveratrol?

    I've been taking around 1g/day of 50% for 3 months. I haven't seen the appetite suppression that many have reported. Definitely got a "sense of well being" from it, but I'm used to that effect now. At that dose, it doesn't seem to be active as an AI IMO. I will say, without a doubt, that I...
  9. How do you take your liquid SERM?

    Great advice, I used 00 caps until I ran out - I think 1ml would just about fill 2 caps. Does 1ml fit into a 000? BTW, I've been taking liquid reseach chems for a long time, and usually don't mind the the taste, but certain chems from certain suppliers lately are killing me! The taste lingers...
  10. The importance of fish oils

    I started taking Carlson's lemon flavored liquid 3 months ago. I was tired of not knowing if the wal mart caps I was getting were degraded or not. The liquid is great - doesn't taste bad at all (lemon and rosemary), no fish burps (some lemony burps though, but that doesn't bother me) and I like...
  11. Rpm

    I just got my RPM in yesterday. Had 3 caps before my workout, felt good, very focused and aggressive (in a relative sense, not angry, just ready to go). The "on" feeling reminds me of M5AA. Workout was good, but didn't blow me away. I had my second dose today, and didn't seem to feel the stim...
  12. Omega-3 fatty acids may help build muscle

    I'll second Carlson's - good stuff, so little fishy flavor that my wife and kids will also take teaspoon amounts. No fish burps, and no rancid taste or smell at all. I'm on my 5th bottle. I used to use Wal Mart caps - whatever capsules you're using - try splitting one open. If it's overtly...
  13. Cissus for a torn muscle?

    I like cissus, definitely helps with joint pain and recovery, but make sure your following the R.I.C.E. principles. Especially the ice since it just happened. Decreasing the swelling and inflammation will enable it to heal faster.
  14. Which worked better for you CEE or Monohydrate

    CEE- but only at mono dosages of 5-6gm/day. No bloating, stayed fuller around the clock. But if you do like mono, at least use micronized.
  15. No more Glutes injec.. =[

    I use 22g 1" or 1.5", don't have the patience for 25g - that's when you have problems with shaking or the needle moving - just takes too damn long. My wife is too squeamish to help, unfortunately. I started out using quads, but got tired of hitting nerves or veins. I do ventrogluteal or even...