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    DMZ vs M1A

    Not bloat; M1A doesn’t aromatize so the waterweight is intramuscular mainly. But the weight will come on pretty quickly. I feel it’s slightly more potent mg for mg compared to DMZ. Both compounds I would dose 40-60mg personally. I’m also 245lbs with 9 years of oral cycles. I feel DMZ does...
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    Truth about PCT and Suppression?

    Good post. A lot of good posts in here. Don’t take drugs if you don’t want to keep using drugs. Most guys recover alright from various SARM/oral/moderate oil cycles, some need TRT by their 40s, and still I personally have met others who did 3 weeks of Superdrol once and needed TRT in late 20s...
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    HCG question

    This will work fine to keep balls from atrophy, both what I’ve experienced and read. I am taking 500iu 2x per week this cycle and balls and loads are a bit better but controlling the estrogen is taking more AI for sure. OP, if you are taking Trest you don’t want estrogen to run away on you, so...
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    Answered DMZ v M1T

    This is the way to do it. If you keep this hush hush and she later finds out about it, while you might know it was just some legally purchased supplements - what is she to think? What gals have you been out shagging that you weren’t telling her about if you were lying about this? It’s not about...
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    Answered At what reading blood pressure would you lower dosage of a compound?

    I sit about 118-125/60-70 off. If it gets over 150 resting, I take Carditone and the problem is solved.
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    Answered 3AD awaits you

    [emoji23] got ‘em! [emoji12]
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    Answered Announcement Insider

    Alex, what is Muscletech Celltech Hardcore?! Next, I’ll continue with Creatine Lore for $500 please!