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  • is there a certain time of day that you should dose your clomid, daa, erase?
    hey man i noticed you have replied to a couple of my threads and you have helped me out quite a bit on some things with the info you have given me. I was thinking about running aromasin throughout my cycle. Maybe a low dose every day or every other day just to help control estro and bloating a little. i was thinking maybe around 6.25mg. Whats your thoughts on this. any info would help me out greatly.
    hey man i seen you replied to my post, thanks for sharing your info about you similar cycle. i sent you a friend request, im new to the site and trying to make some friends and learn a little, thanks again
    i no i just posted this but i saw u online and do u think i should use my liver assist during my on cycle and if u have other ideas on how im gunna do my cycle it would help
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