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    cissus-drol and stomach

    Same thing for me, I take a minimum of 3 caps right before bed. No stomach upset for me personally.
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    1st X mass cycle

    Keep it at 80 for at least a couple of weeks to see how you react to it before bumping it up. Also, in my opinion, I don't see how the use of cycle assist will really hamper any gains, but do what you feel is best. When it comes down to it, everyone has their own opinion on that subject.
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    what will work better

    All would work well, but for numbers 2 and 3, choose Cissus-Drol over the Activate..You will be very pleased:wink1:
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    Google it, the time is definitely worth it for such an effective product..
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    Cissus- Drol and PCT

    I use Cissus-Drol year-round. It provides me with aided fat loss, extreme increase in libido, and an overall good feeling. I think it is the best non-hormal supplement available today. I would proudly state this whether I was a GL athlete or not.
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    X-Mass Q's - Sides

    X-Mass was very mild for me, and I love it..At the dose you will run it, expect gains in size and strength. Everybody reacts differently though and those medical questions will be best answered by a doctor..
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    Getting Ready to start X-Mass

    1-2 tbsp of PB should suffice. I prefer flax seed oil though..
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    Getting Ready to start X-Mass

    Taking the X-Mass with peanut butter is a great idea as well as the soy lecithin..Flax Seed Oil (liquid) is also a great option..2-3 per day and you are set.. Nice choice on the BCAA-EE as well....4 in the AM, 4 pre-workout and maybe 4 before bed would be optimal..
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    Thread for X-Mass Logs

    2-3/day of the X-Mass taken 2-3 times per day will be awesome.. As for BCAA-EE, 4 in the AM, 4 pre-workout, and maybe 4 before bed will due just fine:wiggle:
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    X-Mass is coming back for a limited run!!

    The product in question is going to provide excellent results though, as its' ingredient make up is still a very powerful product. Real scammer companies wouldn't even bother with it and just use some arbitrary ingredients. Not writing that misadvertised products are in any way favorable, but...
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    X-Mass is coming back for a limited run!!

    Hey guys, anyone that knows me from the past would know that I am an honest guy. I was just posting what was told to me as I would not intentionally post incorrect info. That said, GL is a stand-up company and has never been a misleading company in the past.
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    X-Mass is coming back for a limited run!!

    Yes, the same dosage and formula is coming back to the GL line up for a limited time, so stay tuned!!:bb3:
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    Everyone's Top 3 Supps/Stacks for Fall/Winter

    Yes, every once and a while, I like to throw some bulk GABA in there as well for it's purported GH releasing abilities and calmness, but I have recently found phenibut to be superior for calming and relaxation purposes.
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    Lipodrene anyone??

    Definitely an increase in body temp, but also a more focused feeling and sometimes a bit edgy. Perfect when you find your sweet spot, tabs are easily cut in half if need be. But other than that, the usual increase in energy and decrease in appetite as well.
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    Lipodrene anyone??

    Wow, this stuff is reeeeaaallllllyyyyyyy strong.. Gonna be perfect with Spring/Summer cutting. Be careful on first doses, very powerful product..