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    Hey Grambo, i posted on the choose a purus product thread and had a question. By all means i am not rushing you and am not trying to offend you, but i was wondering when you will choose people for the log. The reason why I ask is because my competition is 5 weeks away and i find that I will need about a good solid 4 weeks to really get as much out of the product as I can. Also, I live on Guam which is a part of the U.S. (we are U.S. citizens and there is air traffic and ship traffic through here). I just wana kno if you would be able to send a product here? Im really lookin forward to using CONDENSE and I hope it makes me a Purus fan! :D Thanks for your time Grambo! Have a great day!
    Hey man probably get this a lot so sorry in advance could ya shed some light on what happened to rss I loved their products and I know you promoted them from the beginning they still around under a different name or gone for good?
    Got an email for purus today...this is what i sent...comments: I have recently purchased all of your products. I am in the military and did not realize that the fat smack info claims that one may test positive on a urine test. I would like to continue to run this product but would like to know what exactly would a drug test show positive for and what ingredient(s) would cause this. The research I have done has suggested that it mimics phenedrine and could be classified as an amphetamine....please contact me with as much information as possible. Also is this 100% legal w/out perscription...thank you for your time and help

    this was the reply...You are correct in your findings; the ingredient in question has been anecdotally linked to “false positive” drug tests for amphetamines.

    directly from the ceo Brandon smith....I sent another email asking for ways t prove it is a false positive should be interesting
    Thank you soo much for responding,..good news to hear as well..I will def post the results on one of the fat smack threads wit ome pics,.IM stackin it with 2 bottles of recycle and one of slinshot. Just one tab of fat smack felt stronger than any thermogenic ive takin since animal packs w/ ephedrine, is a hell of a deal..again thank you
    what up bro..I seen you on alot of purus labs threads. I just ordered recycle, slinshot, ad fat smack. When i got them i saw fat smack had a disclaimer that it could casue positive urina analysis results. I am concerened since i am in the military. Do you think I will be safe to continue to run the product?...what could it possibly test possitve for?...thanks for your time man, i tried to contace purus themselves but they never got back to me
    Grambo, my post count isn't high enough to contact you privately, but I needed to speak to you about something urgently.
    Hey man i see your a Purus rep. I have Nasty and M14e so im going to run one or the other. Im leaning towards Nasty. Should I do the Halovar with it like the bottle says or just the nasty? I have done a PH befre with great gains. I have nolvadex lined up for PCT. Looking for big lean gains.
    is here specific brand SERM should i get? is Recycle the name of the product? im abou tto start my first cycle of nasty mass. just needed some valuable info
    Wow, ok I might have to try it out then...I'll log it soon and link you
    Hey dude I didn't know you were a fellow Sooner, so am I. Not to sound gay or nothing but I am sort of new here and need some friends and some advice on ph's and you seem like you got your s**t down. I am really trying to hit it hard and grow, I have all my own equipment at home and just need someone to help with a little knowledge about things, so pm me bacjk bro.
    Hey man I read the post you had about and i ordered 2 alpha E supplements last Wed and it still says pending on my account and i emailed the email address they had in contacts and even called them but no reply...Is anyone still running the site? and do you think I will ever get the Alpha E from them? cuz i already paid and there is no way to cancel it from them. Im asking you because it seems like you know the guy running the site. Thanks for your help!

    Word. Good to see you over here, bud!
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