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  1. question about sugar levels

    what exactly will the chromium and r-ala do? do they stabilize sugar levels or something? thanks
  2. question about sugar levels

    im needing some help here, i think i am hypoglycemic but not sure if im right. everytime i eat a piece of sugar like a candy bar or something that has alot of sugar in it i get tired as hell like i am ready to fall out... anyone who has hypoglycemia is this what happens to you or what, and if...
  3. ephedrine...... anyone heard anything more?

    i know there was an article that says its coming back but does anyone know when? also will we bee seeing the old products like lipo-6 and liquid clenbutrx ? thanks for any info
  4. tell me whats up

    ya look badass bro
  5. herbal diuretic

    what are you taking dandelion root?
  6. Beverly Int. Protein

    i have used beverly quite a few times in the past, i even went to their headquarters and had the bodyfat done and had them plan my diet. they are top notch in my book. search around some of the web sites and you can find some great prices on their products. buying from them directly is a bit too...
  7. Lean Ones' PCT w/ Oratropin & Rebound XT

    well lean one what are you thinking of it so far? is this something that works better on people that are older? hmmmm havent read anything on that yet.
  8. Needing someone's help with a diet prob....

    no one has any help, geez i know its bad eating candy every now and then but i am just asking to see if i may be hypoglycemic... like should i go to the doc and check it out. i know everyone eats a little junk now and then.
  9. Needing someone's help with a diet prob....

    Question about taking in sugar.... and crashing bad Everytime I eat even a little bit of sugar I crash really hard. Someone told me it might be like hypoglycemia... any idea's? My gf bought me some of those chocolate eggs with cherries in it. I just ate one of those a little bit ago and now I...
  10. I put my heart and soul into this

    Great job bro, I too want to get Bobo's plan and have wanted to work with him for a long time but every time I get a little extra cash around something pop's up. I best get some more over time quick as summer is approaching and I'd love to be as cut as you for summer!
  11. Dexter finally wins...

    didnt jay compete this year?
  12. Bobo's newest client

    any more news?
  13. Discouraged and confused - cut or bulk?

    if you do bobos program you wont gain fat he will bulk you up quite lean.....
  14. Napster? anyone get this service yet?

    :blink: Ok I saw an ad on TV stating you pay 15 per month and you can download any music you want. My question now is, what are the hidden costs? Or what is the catch? can you burn CD's using this music you download? i bought a 20gig Ipod and want to get some music to fill it up. just checking...
  15. PCT after 6 weeks on SD, 4ad, 1 test.

    thanks for the help, that is what i was looking for....