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  • f'in stacked! I hope i can get there!
    whats up geekpoop how are U doing?
    Thanks again for the rep and the compliment !
    Thank you very much for the rep - appreciate it !
    Here's an invitation ;)
    y0 y0 y0!!!how the hell have you been!! Long time!
    y0 y0 y0!!! BRO. . its been a minute!! whats goin on in da hood!!!
    So as far as PCT is concerned the inhibit-e 2/2/1/1/ and the PCT assist would be fine and cover all my bases? I also have Liver Assist XT by SNS, should I use this Liver Assist XT during cycle or post cycle or at all. I have Cycle Assist for on cycle to by the way so. Again, props for the help.
    I tried to PM you but it said I couldnt, i just signed up on here. Sorry about that. I appreciate you getting back to me so fast. What would you recommend for a test booster? I will pick that up this week and get right into this. Im pretty syked. I am aiming to gain some lean mass, nothing crazy, and hopefully cut some fat of course. Is this a realistic outcome from epi? I am mostly hoping to not experience the whole "gyno" problem. That is im sure the most feared outcome haha. Thanks again for the help man, I appreciate it. It still wont let me PM you...not sure why...
    I have been reviewing forumns online for a while. You always seem to have great answers for people. Hope you can give me some tips if im on the right track.
    Im 25, been lifting for 6 years or so. Im fairly lean, 188 lbs. 5'9" tall. I eat clean etc. This will be my first cycle of these types of products.
    I bought:
    e-stane by CEL
    cycle assist by CEL
    Liver Assist XT by SNS

    PCT by CEL
    Inhibit E by SNS

    Is this going to be successful? I think I have all my bases covered but wanted one last honest opinion. If you dont mind can you recommend dosing for the inhibit for e stane at say 30/30/30/30. Any help you can give would be great. Thanks man.
    It wouldnt let me PM you, so maybe you can e mail me drobinson784 at
    ITS ON BRUTHA!!! new log check it out 7 lbs for 1 clown!!!
    for sure man. Im in about my third week now. I'm still trying to dial things in. Having trouble sticking to it some days. It's gonna take me some time.
    having trouble sticking to it but its def going better. I'm still getting into the groove of more cardio and lower carbs. Can't wait to rid this bf..its driving me nutz!
    Thank you so much ur ass is going on my top with he rest of the 4 am menbers. Yeah new blogs up lets get it!
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello GeekPoop,

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