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  • just had a question you might know the answer to.. do you know how long it takes (approx.) for a PH to leave your system (as in not detectable)? I am talking about a 6wk cycle of EPI 30mg, with the proper 4wk PCT and liver supps. - thanks
    alrite thanks for letting me know bud, torem is 30 ml @60mg from purity solutions (very good stuff) :)
    How you been bro, long time no chat, how have you been? From your avatar pict. it looks like you packed on some quality muscle and ripped it down as well, sweeeeeet!!!
    yeah hopefully Rivers heats up and gets Floyd involved (i have both of those guys)
    also Colston hasnt done much i think he was one that screwed me
    hell yah bro
    my defense already got me 18 points all i have to do is not phuck it up
    hopefully i can get a win
    I was being sarcastic on the BIG tish lol. Holdenville is a little bit bigger than tish. Just your normal small town Oklahoma. Take care man!
    Big ole Tish lol. I grew up in Holdenville, but I moved down to Texoma in college and never moved away. I'm actually currently working in Pennsylvania on the big gas pipelines, but Oklahoma is still where I call home when I get time off.
    I live about 7 miles east of Durant at Lakeside......close to Mead.

    Actual point I live on is Sand Point.
    can i ask you to join me?
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