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  • Whacked
    Ur PM box is full so....

    You rock man

    Im relatively new with respect to my walk with Chirst (luke warm run of the mill Christian for the majority of my life), and I am learning as much as I can

    I appreciate your offer and perhaps God sent you to me b/c I DID pray about this and to find an answer. I pray multiple times daily on my knees these days and read scripture but I have a hard time "hearing God answer me about anything" - although I knmow He is listening, I just need to figure out HOW and WHEN he is speaking to me

    I rarely "feel/hear" His answers

    I DO read the Bible but have a hard time "reading/interpreting the complicated language of the Bible" at times.

    I know you are not an authority but I DO respect your no-nonsense Biblical knowledge and insight and u have zero agenda of course so thanks for help! ;)
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