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  1. BMP™ Improved Formula Presale

    Not standalone Ursolic Acid, but Top Muscle was pretty damn good with immediate effects.
  2. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    I haven't been able to use this new version consistently because the new carrier/formula is much harsher than previous versions. So far, I am noticing better girth by look and feel however I am not walking around with a semi all day like I was with the last two versions. In about 8-9mos of...
  3. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    The consistency of this recent batch is a little off... it's not dispersed very well. It seems like the carrier solvent absorbs first and then globs of grey paste need to be rubbed in after. Overall, it is a little tidier to apply which I appreciate. I've only had it for a couple days so not...
  4. Unanswered Help SNS Name a New Product

    Vitamin SNS
  5. Finally. THE BLR PRE WORKOUT THREAD. New product leaks

    I don’t really care about the flavor because I’ll chug it either way. Just limit the food coloring and I’ll be happy. I don’t want to look like I’ve been drinking markers.
  6. Finally. THE BLR PRE WORKOUT THREAD. New product leaks

    One piece at a time for maximum efficacy.
  7. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    I've been using this (beta v2 I think) for about 2 months now and use a bathmate every other day. I have gained about 0.5" BPEL. Nothing for girth though.
  8. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    I just had my first workout with what I assume is the newest version. This batch is significantly better than the previous version I used and, at the time, I considered it my favorite supplement to date. The pump wasn't as intense as previous bottles but I don't smell like a wet dog or am so...
  9. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    I mostly agree but I had pretty great results with MyoSynergy and Nerve Restore without any side effects. Dsade is always tinkering. I hope he can manage to dampen the smell.
  10. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    This may be the best natural supplement I can remember using in the last 5-10 years. I've only used this for about a half dozen workouts but I noticed a big increase in pumps from the first use. Once I start getting pumped, I look and feel how I imagine 10lbs more mass would look on me. I've...
  11. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    Thanks for the reply. I'll start with the 3 pumps upper/4 pumps lower and go from there.
  12. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    Sorry if I missed it, but what is the recommendation for people who lift upper body/lower body splits. Keep it two pumps total pre-workout and divide it per muscle group?
  13. Q&A for K1NGSLAYER

    Does Strong have an exclusive? How long before OL sells direct?
  14. What's Worked - Non-hormonal Anabolics

    +1 for Applied Nutriceuticals' IGF2. Still might be my favorite but I haven't used it in years. EvoMuse BMP is up there. I'm surprised so many people are listing Prime though. I thought I remembered it being mocked incessantly.
  15. ******Black Lion Research Newsletter/ product updates******

    Doubt it. They're probably rolling their eyes with the rest of us. The thread inquiring about the pre is days aways from turning two years old.