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    Gops "who Don't Believe In Evolution" !!!

    One thing that is growing faster than our knowledge is our ignorance... Try watching what you think without EGO attachment... who is it that watches? Or maybe what? "What you are looking for is what is looking" (St. Francis) Sounds like a Christian Buddhist to this one. The only answer to...
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    M. Lewis a 9er

    4:24 p.m.: cornerback Nate Clements and S Michael Lewis :lol: both signed with the 49ers. INSTANT 49ers
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    Bank of America launches credit card for illegal immigrants

    Was audited... part of it was to prove my children are mine and were living with me in 2005. SS cards...not good enough... birth certs... need more info. School records, med records or get this a GREEN CARD :icon_lol:
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    Better check your locks

    Bump my locks? When you then bump into King Arthur of Bullem (BullMastiff ):welcome: :jaw:... He just luvs human chew toys!
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    Windows Vista Released Today

    It seems Bill knows his market isn`t expanding squeeze what you have :smite:
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    Windows Vista Released Today

    Security is outstanding for now at least...DRM crap is just that. Wait untill you see the system load to run HD Content... Oem can not be moved from the installed system. So upgraders beware. And Retail can only be moved once for now.
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    Shaker cup

    Got these yesterday and they are outstanding!
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    Saints Clip

    When will it end!!! First cheese steaks, then soft pretzels and Tasty cakes! Then the Cowboys try to steal our ONE motto(how did that turn out :icon_lol: ) Now Weird Al steals our beloved Rocky Theme!!!!
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    NO MO Ro-Mo!!!

    A Giants ,Redskins,Cowboys and an Eagles fan are arguing who is the greatest fan... The Redskin fan pulls out a revolver... removes 3 bullets and lays it on the table." OK we yell our teams name and pull the trigger." "I will go first." "Redskins" click! "Giants" click! "Eagles" and shoots the...
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    NO MO Ro-Mo!!!

    Great plays and a major drop! The one at the NO 38 with the whole of the right side of the field open... followed by a punt and no points. Great ride! Anyone says they thought the Birds win out after Indy is lying!!!
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    Amish choose to forgive shooter

    Is not grace the works of the spirit... then do we worship the spirit that dwells within or the man?
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    Post your Eagles jokes here!

    Take a deep breath and let it go...still holding this a year later?:blink: Now have fun with it!
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    Post your Eagles jokes here!

    And the winner for best t-shirt is... Dallas sucks! T.O. swallows... pills Best sign... Mixing Eagle fans with supplements maybe hazardous to your health.
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    Post your Eagles jokes here!

    Got Pills? "Totally Overdosed"
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    Post your Eagles jokes here!

    Stomach settled? Wasn`t MeO supposed to play today? :icon_lol: