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  • pillsRgood
    Cost isn't really a huge issue. My guy is charging 120 for a 10ml...he is gettin back to me ton and if there is a problem I might have to take u up on that offer! Reason for low dose is I wanna keep the bloat down so I don't look like a juicehead...my wife is anti roids and I don't want her to be able to have proof I'm juiced, stupid to lie I know but I have no choice. I ll use covers such as I'm bulking/using creatine/test boosters for the major changes to come...wish I didn't have to lie bout this, but most of our world is nieve when it comes to this
    Hey man, Ive been following your threads for sometime and just wanna say props! Also, Im coming back to the darkside after a 9 year break and was wondering if I could pick your brain about a few things Im hung up on... First off, Im 30, have been hardcore training for 14 or so years, Gonna run Test-e for 12-14 weeks, wanna start at 250 or 300 for 2-3 weeks and adjust accord. I know everyone says anything less than 500 is waste, but just wanna be safe!... Im really confused about if I should use Arimidex and if so how much/often to take...I ve also heard of people taking Nolva(Which I have on hand) for bloat and gyno...I really want to keep my bloating down and not run into any gyno because I dont want anyone knowing that Im on...Ive read tons of posts on the subject and am getting diff opinions...Another issue Im running into is HCG and if I really need it. My PCT is set with toremifene and the primordal performance test recovery stack.
    Wow.......this will really help in grooming.

    <a href="http://www.padana.com" title="Mechanic Gloves Manufacturer">Mechanic Gloves Manufacturer</a>

    Can you send me an email letting me know where you got your Clen? I am a bit paranoid about ordering this online and want to order from a place someone has ordered from. My email is spartans97601atyahoo.com. THanks!
    The Dooeug
    checked your profile picture and u resemble a baby hippo, gg u lose i win again, get used to it.
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello edwitt,

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