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  • What is the best way to keep our energy up.
    New on site. Am 58 and U inspre me. Am on TRT and it is the bomb. Way cool. I just tweak the dosage a litle and lift like a maniac. Good for U

    I really admire your work ethic and devotion to health while still trying to build new muscle. You and I use many of the same supplements (i.e. formestane, bio-identical progesterone, etc.) I have however avoided epistane primarily because it is methylated. I would really appreciate more information on your supplementation protocol. In otherwords, how do you safely cycle these compounds so that they are not only effective but health promoting?
    hi , your latest post got me to write this. Apart from the supps you mention what others have you found useful (formestane -epi How have you been taking these?)
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