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  1. What Supplements Are Similar To NZT-48 (The Clear Pill From The Movie Limitless)?

    Focus fixed now, ref over abundance of food coloring? Any thoughts of simply removing the dyes?? I think most here wouldn't mind no added dyes.
  2. Hexaghen by MuscleMeds

    This sounds a lot like the stuff IBE used to make a few years back (at least I think that's who used to make it). It was sold in little ampules (taken sublinguially, I seem to recall), and some folks on this board swore it helped them recover from joint issues.
  3. Controlled Labs SPECIALS!!!!!!!!

    Nutra front page says REDuction PM is $9.99, but I can't find it cheaper than $16.99. Typo on front page, or my FireFox playing games?
  4. Source of beef protien isolate?

    Where does the beef source come from for your isolate? USA?
  5. AX Slim Xtreme?

    Ok, subbed.
  6. AX Slim Xtreme?

    Fantastic to hear!
  7. Sneak Peak...

    probably this Not some french retreating competition.
  8. AX Slim Xtreme?

    Anyone know when NP will be able to offer it?
  9. Will NP ever sponsor body recomp contest?

    Because NP will be making money from this, and getting good exposure. Why would they allow people to "play" if they're using items from a competitor? Yeah, I read your post, I just don't agree. Forcing people to purchase $xx amount of supplements is not the way to go (IMO, of course). You...
  10. Will NP ever sponsor body recomp contest?

    NP offers PH. And the reason to limit purchase to NP products is because they'd be sponsoring the thing and should get the benefit of that.
  11. Will NP ever sponsor body recomp contest?

    I was thinking sales of ALL of NPs products would drive NPs profit. I don't know their profit margins on any of their products, but maybe 3-5% of contest sales goes into a "pot" to be distributed among the winners? A special coupon code--assigned by NP and unknown to anyone else but each...
  12. Will NP ever sponsor body recomp contest?

    Be really cool to have the contestants using all NP-sold items. Not one of the many one-company-only supp contests, but rather the complete arsenal of available supps sold by NP. The contestants would purchase all of their contest supps from NP, and their diet, workouts and ALL supps they've...
  13. wheres the black friday specials at :D

    That's the funniest damn pic I think I've seen :)
  14. 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine dosing

    Just buy some Geranium caps (look at Nutra Caps). 60 mg/cap. Pretty economical, too.
  15. NP's Geranium Anyone??

    Better known as Whiskey d1ck? Old man d1ck's red-headed step-bastard.