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    Who's ready for a reputation reset?

    You whore!
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    Workin on something...

    Very interesting!
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    Good Fellas or Donnie Brasco?

    Always liked DB!
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    Perform and Motivate now at NutraPlanet for $19.99

    Amounts of ingredients of each?
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    Guilty Plea in Sale of Products With Steroids

    I just wonder if and when the penalties will increase. I think most if not all will be slapped on the wrist with a fine like this and then the product eventually banned. The casual user or seller of these products will face far more penalties.
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    New Year's Resolution - OverTraining is Over!

    I good. Glad it is working for you.
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    Guilty Plea in Sale of Products With Steroids

    Hmm, almost 6 million in sales and how much in fines and lost product? A couple million at most? I would take that and do it everyday. Really is no deterrent for them not to do it IMO. Think about it.
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    Massachusetts Residents

    Now you're talking........the only hope/change we will ever see!
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    1-T Tren LV w/4-AD Log

    Interesting thread. For someone your size, it is awesome to see you gain even moe size on this!
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    WHERE THE HECK IS?????????

    Awesome.....good to see you back brother!
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    Obama Win!!!

    I worked with a guy in Charlotte that was a sergeant in the air guard. He was called up several times over the pond in Oman and Iraq and also pulled time at Charlotte Douglas airport. I can tell you his was loaded and he had open orders to shoot anyone that did not comply with their orders. They...
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    Good Morning

    Morning peeps!
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    Obama Win!!!

    I would also like to point out the Atlanta Olympic bombing and Oklahoma City bombing. Although theses were not commited by Islamists, they are considered terroists bombings. And a very small town cop in Murphy NC while routinely doing his job before daybreak one morning, captured Mr Rudolph...
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    Introducing - David Dunn

    Never seen unbreakable. But I will now. Thanks B!
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    Good Morning

    Morning Ike!