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  • DBinMD
    part 3

    As far as the rest your list of supps goes:
    I’m not familiar with nano x9 pump so I won’t comment on it.
    So my list for you would be:
    1. continue to eat 4-6 meals daily; use whatever whey or other protein to get your protein to about 1 to 2 grams/body weight .
    3. 3 grams of fish oil (good for your joints and cardio/vascular)
    4. 5 gms of creatine
    5. multi-vitamin.
    6. use the other things on your list if you want.
    7. maybe add glucosamine/condroitin.
    8. train hard but don't overtrain.
    Part 2

    Don’t do anything hormonal now. Most of the posts where people have made great gains weren’t that big to begin with (read each post between the lines). Just starting out you should make great gains buy your serious commitment to diet and training. I’ve done my share of hormonal stuff but I was benching 300 before I did. Back when I was a newbie, the only supplements that existed were predigested liquid protein and one-a day vitamins.
    Bench pressing is a talent of mine and have always placed a premium on my chest workouts with barbell benching at the core. I do some inclines and flies, declines have never done anything for me. I’ve noticed that the newbies tend to have a medium grip I’ve never done it that way. My grip is about where the lines on the olympic bar are.

    I'll need to use 3 msgs so here's Part 1.

    Thanks for the complement.
    As far as diet goes, eat healthy and make sure you’re getting at least 1 gram of animal protein (meat, cheese, whey, etc) for every pound of body weight. You didn’t post any stats so I don’t know what that means for you, but if you weigh 180 lbs than you should ingest at least 180 gms. I find this difficult so I supplement with 80 gms from whey. I don’t do BCAAs or glutamine because they never did anything for me in the past, but that could have been because I got enough from the whey. This all makes a big difference for me so I stick to it as much as possible.
    I’ve done bulks and then diets but, in the end, I didn’t have any more muscle than when I started. Maybe, I just don’t have the right metabolism for dieting and maintaining size.
    I would add Creatine to your list. You don’t need anything expensive, I use the cheapest one I can find; same with the whey.
    hi....am new joiner in AM. Honeslty am 27 and quit bb cause i wanted my length and back width to adjust....i know i should have beenback since 21, but i was busy with life! am using:

    1- protien
    2- amino acid
    3- nano x9 pump
    4- l-glutamin
    5- and eat 4-6 meals daily

    i saw your avator and dont count if am wrong, but it looks like your chest muscle size is really good compared to your hands width....did you reach to this result with similar supplements i mentioned above or you use something else? i would like to see more pics of your body and your age! in conclusion your body shows great results....myself am thinking of going bulk then go dry later if i get too bulky....can you share with me your secret?

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