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  • Hello, I am new to this site and would like to ask you a question about my up coming pct's. I am in my 4th week of Phenylvar (epi clone). I have on hand "advanced pct & t-force" along with my liver stuff. I plan on running the advanced pct right after and tappering in the t-force in like week 2. How does that sound for estrogen supression and libidio.

    I am 41 years old and have tried Havoc in the past when it first came out (yellow bottle). I am very healthy, I eat a lot of super food powder, hemp, organic honey and other things.

    thanks you
    Hey there. Is there any possible way to get free shipping to Australia? I'll make a super nice order :) <3
    I wonder if you still sell Liquid tamoxifin and letro!!! I am not able to find them in your store.

    hey i saw that you do H S T i was wondering does it work? i am just just starting out on it, and wanted some feed back, thanks
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