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  1. Still have minor gyno. another havoc cycle?

    It's up to you wether the gains are worth the risk. My opinion is you'll be fine as long as you run a non-aromatizing compound and use a SERM for PCT. I would also make sure you have some more of w/e SERM you use for after PCT incase you need it and also maybe some letro just to have on hand...
  2. Focus XT - The Countdown

    5 months later....
  3. White Flood

    Has white Flood been reformulated recently or has the flavoring system changed, I just received my order from nutraplanet and this is like my third or fourth tub of the stuff and I used to enjoy the flavor but this time it is so bitter it is hard to even get down :think:
  4. Focus XT - The Countdown

    Guess this isn't happening??
  5. Focus XT - An expanded explanation

    Sounds good, hope it is soon
  6. Focus XT - An expanded explanation

    I need some focus xt for this upcoming hockey season!
  7. Best joint stack?

    When I read the thread title I clicked on it with the same response in mind...
  8. AI and PCT: Some Thoughts

    From everything I have read I think a solid PCT if your using a SERM and an AI would look something like this. Say your going with nolva and atd (which I wouldn't recommend for PCT bc of libido issues, but just for example) Week 1 Nolva 40 Week 2 Nolva 30 Week 3 Nolva 20 ATD 25 mg Week 4 Nolva...
  9. MAN Primal Male

    Have you ever used fadogia previously? If so did it bother your stomach at all? I ask bc I tried T-force and I couldn't handle it, it really bothered my stomach, even at only 1 cap per day.
  10. MAN Primal Male

    Anyone noticing any stomach discomfort with PM???
  11. Introducing...MassFX Maximum Strength!

    Old MFX- 2 caps = 1060 mg New MFX- 2 caps = 1005 mg (plus new ingredients, minus dhb and bioperine) Does this mean that the amount of divanil or 25r has been reduced?
  12. Where do you do your walking lunges?

    My gyms aerobic class room
  13. White Flood

    No, it's the correct size, 305 grams, but on the website it is listed as having 50 servings, but on the container it says 25.
  14. White Flood

    The White Flood for $24.95 says that it has 50 servings, I just got my order today and the container says there is only 25 servings...
  15. Anything new ALRI?

    :goodpost: bUMP