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    DEA Official Announces Successful Drug Bust

    I know, its hard to tell, right? The drug war has become so insane that we have to wonder whether this is real or not! The drug war claims more victims then the drugs themselves. Sad.
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    Salt Movie

    How about Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood? Those two look good.
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    Pat Tillman Conspiracy

    Until later in life when it eats you up inside. My father and grandfather both served in the Army infantry (1st and 4th) and I can tell you from first hand family experience.
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    Wtf is this how college group leaders act?(on facebook)

    College, what a joke. One of my favorite quotes from a utter genius Ivy Leauge (Yale, oh and Harvard) grad when asked about the country's education policy "The question we need to be asking is, IS OUR CHILDREN LEARNING...." - George W. BAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAAAA!!!!! Read up on why fantasy PC...
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    Getting Married.

    Oh, that made me laugh! What was that guy thinking??? She'll think its charming. LOL. That guy needs to realize movies like Knocked Up have nothing to do with reality.
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    Getting Married.

    All the girls call me "Best Seed". :silly:
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    AM Thread #7678956 now with 150% MORE relationship groveling

    " this troublesome girl more thought than she's obviously worth." Well we are way past that point, airing this out on a bodybuilding forum and all. My post was tongue in cheek, what I was trying to demonstrate was the absolute FACT that chicks want what they cant have. That said there...
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    what injuries have you had?

    From the gym Ive had tendonitis in the elbow, a pulled delt and lower trapezius. Non-gym, herniated disc, broken left arm, broken left ring finger, and 8 stiches in head.
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    PS3 Games - Name Your Top 3

    Battlefield Bad Company 2, COD Modern Combat, COD World at War. Im DoctorManhattan7 on there if you want to link up.
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    AM Thread #7678956 now with 150% MORE relationship groveling

    Show up somewhere where you know she will be with a hot 19 year old in tow and watch how fast she calls tellin you she cant live without you. Then tell her you just want to be friends.
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    "The Pacific" from the creators of Band of Brothers!!

    Right about that. The second episode was great!
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    Douchebags at the gym...

    Shorts arent tough enough. Unless, of course, they are jean shorts. LOL.
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    Netflix Instant Movies

    Blockbuster doesnt make you pay extra for Blu rays so its slightly ($3-4) cheaper. The advantage is you can get four store exchanges per month free, the wait time on new releases is shorter, and you get a discount on game rentals at the store. No streaming movies though. Thats why I switched...
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    "The Pacific" from the creators of Band of Brothers!!

    So, what did you guys think? I wasnt overly impressed but its watchable. Anything that wears its politics on its face bothers me. I mean the captain who is all gung ho and racist, calling the Japanese yellow bastards, etc. is the guy sucking his thumb in the foxhole when the SHTF. How convenient.
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    Douchebags at the gym...

    How about the rednecks that wear jeans to the gym. Sometimes with their workboots as well. Dont forget the camo hat too. Then theres the over-sweat guys. They wear everything "sweat". Sweat shirts, sweat pants, hoodies, dont forget the beanie. I guess their covering that roid gut.