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    Trimming down with IFORCE Dexaprine, sponsored log by Bigbeef

    Day one. After 3 hours of sleep(I have a 1 year old that refuses to let me sleep) I hit the ground running. Package said take before breakfast so I took one as directed and it was about an hour before I ate. About 30 min after eating I felt like I was tweeking out. I did not read ingredient...
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    Trimming down with IFORCE Dexaprine, sponsored log by Bigbeef

    Just wanted to start out by saying thanks to Iforce for this chance and I hope you all will be pleased with my log. I am going to be totally honest and am open to all comments and advice. Bigbeef has gotten lazy as of this past year and not exercising like I should and have gotten fat. I am...
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    Need to shred some fat? 10 people WILL when they log Dexaprine XR

    I will throw my name in the pot. I have become a real believer in Iforce, and use protean and compete on a daily basis. Shake in the morning and compete through the day in place of sugary drinks. I am 31, 5'11" currently about 240lbs and need to lose another good 20lbs to be where I want and...
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    Anyone around for Ageforce

    Dont see much buzz on the board about ageforce. Just wondering if anyone is using their stuff and if there has been results worth talking about?????
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    WTS.... Some extras on the quick, hopefully

    this guy is a legit seller and highly recommended
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    Wholesale recompadrol and AAv2? Wait.. What?

    send me apm also please
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    Intimidate and Gyno issue

    alright I will give it a go and keep an eye out for the product coming out. I think Intimidate must definitely be a strong daa type product because I never have this issue while using daa powders
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    Intimidate and Gyno issue

    what dosing would you recommend
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    Intimidate and Gyno issue

    I would say a swollet knot.
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    Intimidate and Gyno issue

    no not for sure. I had been already taking ldopa. The gyno not is old. Doesnt grow any in size. just sore.
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    Intimidate and Gyno issue

    alright thanks. I am currently taking l-dopa twice daily. I am doing some low dose letro also to see if it helps
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    Intimidate and Gyno issue

    I have some gyno from the past and whenever I use Intimidate, after about 3 days, my gyno begins to get sore. I discontinue use and it stops alomost immediately. Any ideas?
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    Alphamine lot

    what is supps for soldiers???
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    All for one price

    Auction Rules
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    Versa-1 IC Release Shipment Receipt Confirmation

    I saw my friends bottle and got to hold it and my bench went up 20lbs