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    is the site down?

    Yup. A little bit of technical difficulties. I'll let you know when its up.
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    Gym Etiquette - Gym Laws

    Karategirl already started a great thread, echoing many of my everyday gym peeves. So, I’m looking for idea’s to add to the Gym Laws on Toweldogz. So, what is it about people’s behavior in the gym that bothers you most?
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    GYM small talk......

    But some doctors so proclaim to know all makes and models from top to bottom... Why guys like you are such an invaluable asset to our community.
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    HCG and LH Desensitization: Only in High doses?

    I assume you are talking about men in a hypogonadal state? For men with a healthly endocrine system, your not going to find much research and I would imagine that even a low dose would eventually result in some type of negative feedback mechanism that may result indirectly or directly in some...
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    Anabolic Minds, what are your thoughts on liver prots for PHs

    4 Cups of Coffee
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    Gym etiquette rules

    Oh the irony of this all. I have a website coming very soon that covers much of what you have all expressed!
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    Could coffee decrease steroid induced liver cirhossis?

    Skye, did you doctor elaborate as to why?
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    Interesting Study about Glass in Ampules

    My guess would be yes.
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    Interesting Study about Glass in Ampules

    I kinda figured as much. I have an ampule opener yet I still filter with a .45 um whatman after diulting. I am speaking of hcg mixed with bateriostatic water. I have never purchased anything else that comes in ampules, partly for the glass contamination reason.
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    Elections for mods

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    Elections for mods

    Great, so now I'm old an old short mute. :icon_lol:
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    Could coffee decrease steroid induced liver cirhossis?

    It appears to hold promise for alchohol induced liver cirhossis. Could the same follow for steroid induced damage? Drinking coffee cuts alcohol's harmful effects - More Health News -
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    Tren, what is the real toxcicity?

    Thanks. Didn't really answer my question about decreasing inject's by combining or not combining, but good info nevertheless. During my last cycle, I was drawing the hcg/bact. water into the syringe first and then drawing the tren/test oil mix into the same syringe and injecting. It helps to...
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    Tren, what is the real toxcicity?

    Skye, when injecting eod, adding HCG twice per week can really turn you into a human pin cushion. However, I agree that HCG should be included. So, how do you administer? Do you just use the same syringe and inject IM or do you inject seperately (IM or subq)?
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    Best diuretic

    Drink a couple cups of coffee and throw in a copenhangen. Its called the CCID stack (caffeine-copenhagen-induced-dump).