William Bonac Shows Off Awesome 9 Year Transformation

By Jonathan Salmon Generation Iron

William Bonac showcases his incredible transformation.

It takes a great deal of years to build a truly otherworldly physique. Top competitive bodybuilders take years if training before becoming stage ready. It takes consistency and dedication to see growth little by little.

To become the best of the best you need to constantly improve. It requires looking for the tiniest details, the most insignificant flaw and training it to become an asset.

William Bonac has done just that to get to the next level.

One of the best bodybuilders in the Open division, William Bonac has pushed his body to incredible heights. While many had said he was undersized for the division, William Bonac had packed on a tremendous amount of muscle over the years.

From being the dark horse in the division to coming in second at the 2019 Olympia, Bonac has showcased the kind of diligence that could make him a world champion.

It took time for William Bonac to reach his current level. His latest post on Instagram illustrates that exact fact. Take a look at Bonac’s awesome nine year transformation.

What do you think of William Bonac’s nine year transformation.

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Header image courtesy of Instagram