WATCH: Are Vacuum Poses Coming Back In Syle?


We’re seeing more and more vacuum poses in bodybuilding.



We recently made a few posts this month about vacuum poses and how they have basically disappeared from the bodybuilding stage. Yet, in making these posts – we were highlighting athletes who were showing off some insane vacuum poses via online video or social media. This got us thinking – is the vacuum pose coming back in style? Will we soon see it more on the competitive stage? It would make sense, as the classic physique division shows a sign of fans and athletes looking for something a little more traditional and nostalgic from bodybuilding years past. So why wouldn’t other poses and facets of classic bodybuilding come back in style as well?


We’re not the only ones thinking this. Our content partner Fazi Fitness released a new video collected some of the best vacuum poses being posted by athletes online and makes the statement “Vacuum Poses Are Coming Back.” You can check it out above and let us know your thoughts on the classic pose in the comments!


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