WATCH: Top Crazy Golden Era Physiques (No Bubble Guts!)


Raiden Motivation brings you a supercut of the best Golden Era physiques.



You can’t be a bodybuilding fan in 2017 without hearing about the bubble gut debate. Are the Men’s Open bodybuilders too big and not tapered enough? Will the Classic Physique division take over as the number one division in the sport? It’s a cyclical conversation that has no end in sight. Only years of growth in the sport will truly determine the fate of these divisions and the look of our athletes.


That being said – we can always look back at the true greats from the bygone Golden Era and marvel at their “classic physiques.” That’s why our new content partner Raiden Motivation has put together an epic “best of” supercut showcasing the best of the best. No bubble guts here. Check it out above!


If you like what you see make sure to check out Raiden Motivation’s official YouTube channel right here!

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