WATCH: People Who Took Bodybuilding To The Extreme Next Level


A supercut of bodybuilders who really bring in that freak factor.


When we talk about bodybuilding and it’s history – the same collection of names show up. The sport is niche after all and the competitors and personalities that left an impression truly left a BIG one for all to look back on as time passes.


But the truth is that many people have taken bodybuilding to the next level on and off the stage. Sometimes it’s even people that you have never heard of – perhaps a random person in a YouTube video with vascularity so insane you’d think he has extra veins surgically implanted. Does that make this impressive stranger someone that needs to be remembered in the history books? No, of course not – but it’s still fascinating to see.

That’s why Bodybuilding Priest has put together this supercut of modern bodybuilders who took bodybuilding to the extreme. It contains a mix of big names you know such as Kai Greene and Dexter Jackson along with random people who we might not even know their name – but the images they left on video and on the internet are worth noting! Check it out above!


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