WATCH: Jose Raymond Makes A Shocking Top 3 Prediction For Olympia 2018


Jose Raymond makes predictions for the top 3 of Mr. Olympia 2018… and Big Ramy is no where in sight.



Jose Raymond has been giving us some great updates as he does his cardio day after day. His latest might be his most exciting. Yes, it’s still early but we have begun to jump into the world of Mr. Olympia 2018 predictions. But what is shocking about Jose Raymond’s picks is how against the grain they are. His top 3 predictions are Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden, and Roelly Winklaar.


Roelly himself has already said that it is his main mission to break into the top 3 this year at the Mr. Olympia – could Jose Raymond’s prediction be a sign that Roelly’s focus and hard work will actually pay off?


It’s impossible to tell this early before the big show but let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will be a competitions with twists and turns!


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