The “Victory Raise” Is The Ultimate Exercise For Boulder Shoulders



3 heads are better than 1…


Do you want a shoulder exercise that hits all three heads of the delts along with the traps and lower rhomboids? well look no further. Shoulder injuries are some of the most common in the game, and with the resurgence of compound movements exercises, pressing is all but mandatory. But how do you get back in the game after a chronic injury without pressing heavy weights? Innovation that’s how, and the “Victory Raise” is one of the most innovative exercises out there, better yet, it works.


Injured or not, this is a low impact exercise that hits your shoulders from multiple angles. This move combines the benefits of the lateral raise, the front raise, and the band pull-apart. It’s a compound exercise that uses the bands to force more delt involvement by keeping the scapula properly aligned. This means you can’t use you can’t compensate with your upper traps.


How does this exercise work exactly? Well, we’re glad you asked

  • Place a small resistance band around your wrists.
  • Grab some dumbbells (no more than 30 lbs) and start with hands down in front of your hips
  • Lift the dumbbells from the starting position to overhead, forming a “V” at the top.
  • As the movement progresses, spread your arms wider to at the top to really feel that V formation.
  • Come back down to starting position in the exact same way, counting about 3-4 seconds from top to bottom.
  • -Tip: Keep some tension in the band at the bottom of the exercise for maximum TUT (Time under tension), and muscle growth.



This exercise is great to do before or after a full shoulder workout to fire up your muscles or just as a good top off for an already stellar set. Try this workout before a big press and let us know what you think.