Twitter Explodes After Learning of White House Bodybuilding Chef Andre Rush


The most massively built chef we’ve ever seen.


These days anything surrounding political conversation has been pretty controversial. With so many people having shifting political views, it’s still nice to see that we can all agree on something. That something comes in the way of Andre Rush, a massively built bodybuilder who just so happens to be a White House chef.


Serving in the Army for over twenty years, Andre Rush has since retired with a rank of Master Sergeant Chef. Preparing nutritional meals for the White House staff, Rush has proven to be an invaluable member of the team.


But what seems to have everyone talking isn’t the Army Master Sergeant Chef’s culinary abilities, but his unbelievable physique. The man looks like he’s ready to step on stage at a pro bodybuilding show and outsize some great veterans. The Tweet below showcases the bodybuilder’s immense size.



What do you think of Army Master Sergeant Chef Andre Rush?

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