Tip: Bulgarian Split Squats… But Harder

Ramp up this staple exercise with a few simple tweaks. Here’s how.

by Ryan Sapstead T-Nation

You’ve seen the rear-foot elevated split squat, but this setup will make it even more brutal.

Bulgarian Split Squat on Decline Bench

How to Do It

  • Find an adjustable bench and set it on a slight decline.
  • Step forward with a shorter foot position for this variation. Stand with the toes and heel of your rear foot up on the bench.
  • As your start each rep, lock your hips forward into extension and proceed to drop the rear knee down toward the ground. Continue to press the hips forward until you reach the floor.
  • Maintain an upright torso from start to finish. Press through the front leg and the toes of your back foot aiming to equally distribute the load through both feet as much as possible.
  • Add resistance either with dumbbells by your sides or use a goblet position to keep your posture upright.