The Definition of Classic Physique! Is Wesley Vissers the Future of the Division?!

By Jacob Ladon Generation Iron

Wesley Vissers is the definition of Classic Physique.

One of the true standouts in the Classic Physique division, Wesley Vissers is making his presence known to the bodybuilding world. While he’s already built an established following with his Vintage Genetics YouTube channel and brand, Wesley Vissers is proving himself to be a top competitor in the IFBB.

While he may not have dominated the field at the 2018 Olympia, Wesley Vissers took a year off to work on his weaknesses and strengths. A recent showing at the Romania Muscle Fest Pro once again showcased the young bodybuilder’s potential.

It’s clear from his victory at the Romania Muscle Fest Pro that Wesley Vissers has become a clear threat for the top of the Classic Physique division. Do you believe Wesley Vissers is the future of Classic Physique?

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