Swole VS Shredded: The Ultimate Results Of Transforming From Heavyweight To Classic


From swole to shredded.


When you speak to those looking to pack on massive muscle you’ll usually find a common underlying theme. Most focus simply on getting swole, looking as big as possible compared to their fellow man. It’s no surprise, especially when you consider the fact that Open Weight bodybuilding has been the marquee class when it comes to the competitive level. But something interesting has been happening in the last few years. Some athletes are preferring to stay lean and mean rather than massive and bulky.


Third place Olympia Classic Physique competitor George Peterson is a pro bodybuilder who has experienced both sides of the equation and has some interesting insight on the matter. Where he was a massive heavyweight bodybuilder at one point in his career, George Peterson chose to switch classes in order to compete in the Classic Physique division. So Peterson shed the fat and even a bit of muscle to drop the weight.


Bodybuilders are in love with their acquired muscle and want to hold onto it with all their might. But letting go of the ideology of bigger is better could lead an individual to appear more impressive than ever before. In the post below by Peterson, he goes into details of how going from swole to shredded has reaped massive benefits.



Would you rather be swole or shredded?


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