How To Squat CORRECTLY In 5 Minutes (With 5 CrossFit Squat Variations)


Hey guys, Ricky Redus here! I’m an Olympic lifter and have been an Olympic-style lifting and CrossFit trainer for the last 5 years. I’m here to teach you guys about the 5 most important squats of CrossFit and any general fitness program, really.



We’re going to go over 5 squat variations here today so you understand the differences, the positioning, and key points of what to do and what to avoid.


Let’s get started:


#1 – 0:24 – The Air Squat

0:36 – Squat Stance

0:48 – Bracing Your Core

1:08 – Decent Of The Squat

#2 – 1:36 – The Back Squat

#3 – 2:35 – The Front Squat

#4 – 3:37 – The Overhead Squat

#5 – 5:00 – The Pistol Squat


So there you have it guys… The 5 fundamental squats of CrossFit and training. Simple enough, right?


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Train Smart,